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Creating a Font – Beauty of the Peaks

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I started this font a long time ago. Back in 2013, I was rediscovering English literature and especially Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters. The books, combined with daily walks in…


2 Dribbble Invitations Giveaway

| Digital Resources | 37 Comments

UPDATE Thank you for sending me your portfolios. Here are the two new dribbble players:   I have two dribbble invitations which I will happily give away. To…


Gemolution – Drawing Watercolour Stones

| Digital Resources | One Comment

I love stones! I find them on beaches and in river beds, pick out the best and then arrange them in plant pots or in jars (just add water and watch the stones…


Printable: Last Minute Valentine

| Freebie Friday | One Comment

The way I see things, we should celebrate the love we feel for each other every moment of every day. But since we have dedicated a day of the year…