DIY: Handmade Business Cards

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diy-minicards-coverI love MOO. I’ve ordered their mini cards twice already and I absolutely adore them. This weekend I am going to a handmade festival, so I decided to make a couple of DIY business cards for myself. This is a little show and tell of how to make mini or regular size cards of your own.

diy-minicards-7After ordering a stamp with my logo and name on it, I was ready to go. I also gathered a couple of other tools: watercolours, watercolour pencils, heavy watercolour paper, brush, x-Acto knife, cutting board, ruler, black stamp ink and a jar of water.


Your personal stamp

It’s a good idea to have a stamp with your logo and name on it. You can always use it to make business cards, for playful packaging or just for fun. It’s relatively inexpensive item to add to your branding tools and it comes in handy in many situations. If you prefer you can print and cut your cards instead.

diy-minicards-2 diy-minicards-2a

Painting your cards

After cutting my mini cards (2.75” x 1.10”) I carefully stamped them and let them dry. My ink is black, non-waterproof stamp ink, but you can choose any stamp ink you find suitable. Use your favourite drawing materials, anything you feel comfortable with — after all it’s all about your identity. I used watercolour pencils on heavy watercolour paper for the first batch of cards. Avoid applying water on the whole card because it can bend slightly.

diy-minicards-3diy-minicards-4There is no limits to what you can do. Each card can be a tiny unique piece of art. MOO has the awesome printfinity option, so if you really love your handmade cards, you can scan them and print them all!

diy-minicards-5diy-minicards-6These are some of my DIY business cards. They are cute addition to my MOO mini cards, so I think I’m ready for the handmade festival. Have you ever made your business cards instead of printing them? Do you like the idea of having a stamp as an addition to printed cards?

♥ Lin


Monthly Moods: May

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A new adventure starts today – I’m calling it Monthly Moods. This project will give me the chance to share great design and inspirational visuals with you and I hope it will keep your creative mojo dancing. I will post a mood board every month and the first one is all about calm green spring! Initially I was awed by the adorable April Look bow tie (we have three of them already and we absolutely love them! ^^)

1 | 2 | 3 | 45 | 6 | 7

Stay creative!

♥ Lin


Creating a Font – Beauty of the Peaks

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I started this font a long time ago. Back in 2013, I was rediscovering English literature and especially Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters. The books, combined with daily walks in the nearby park and a trip to Bath, were very inspiring and I sketched the first letters of the font. For reasons unknown, it was forgotten for quite a while and its time came at last two weeks ago when I saw a new BBC period drama – an adaptation of PD James’s Death Comes To Pemberly. As you probably already guessed I am a great Jane Austen fan, but this is a story for another time.

There are a lot of things to consider while creating a font. It is hard work and I learned a great deal while creating the Beauty of the Peaks font. Next time I will do a lot of things very differently, but I am glad I did every step of the process carefully and deliberately. Here are some of the sketches and the font itself:

sketching letters - beauty of the peaks
botp-6 botp-5 botp-4 botp-2

botp-1 botp-7


 Stay Happy!
♥ Lin