Yoga at Home for Busy Creatives and Total Introverts + FREE Make-A-Habit PDF

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Everybody knows how cool yoga is for the body, mind and soul. You probably take yoga classes every now and then and feel great afterwards. If you do it regularly, you’ll find yourself on this amazing self-loving journey, it’s  insane! If you already do that – stop reading and go get a really nice smoothie :) I’m just joking, please stay and see if you can add something to the list below.

I started my yoga practice approximately seven years ago. To me, yoga is the most enjoyable way to have a one-to-one with your body and to keep your mind chaos-free and reasonably sane. I’ve been to some yoga classes, but I still prefer my home practice. (What can I say, it’s either my deeply introverted nature or the fact that I work from home and I always find an excuse not to go to a class)

My goal with this post is to help you start a home practice and take away excuses like “I’m too busy to get out of the house”, “It’s too dark/cold/hot/.. to go out”, “The dog ate my shoes, so I cannot go to a yoga class” :) Yep, that’s right, no shoes needed, just you and maybe your dog if it’s up to it. Let’s do this!



Yoga Journal


Kathryn Budig on Yoga Journal


Kino MacGregor


Leigha Butler



Leslie Fightmaster



If you want to spice it up a bit and need something more upbeat, try Blogilates. Cassey Ho will wake you up in seconds! :) My sister used to complain that Cassey is TOO cheerful for her morning workout, but I’m a morning person and I love all the pink and the bubbles :)

Nike app


And finally, to track your progress and make a habit out of this, let’s commit and see some results in 21 days. Here is the my MAKE-OR-BRAKE A HABIT. Simply write down your goal and schedule a task + time a day. Follow your progress and



Stay bendy! ;)

♥ Lin

P.S. Oh, there is more! GET THE FREE DREAM-TO-DONE PLANNER  and start making some magical positive changes in your life :)


How to make the most of the summer + free PDF Planner

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Well, summer is officially here and nomadic spirits are already roaming free and wild. Magical and wonderful journeys await to nourish your soul and fill up your journal. To get things done while having wonderful summer months, I came up with a couple of smart strategies to make the most of my time. So, here are my five tips on how to stay productive AND wild and free throughout the summer + a FREE Make The Most Of The Summer planner.

1. Plan time for adventures

Whether it is a weekend or another chunk of time – plan it! Draw circles around the dates, set up alarms on your phone, book the tickets, pack the tent or do whatever you will normally do to fix dates for your adventures.

2. Schedule your work

Schedule everything – two hours to write, 15 minutes to update social media, an afternoon to paint – make sure you have time for work and leave time to play.

3. Be where you are

Planning and scheduling, and controlling things is  good so you can get things done. But once in your ‘free time zone’ go old school and hide away your phone. I like to grab my old (not so smart) phone and my (definitely not smart) point-and-shoot camera and roam free. I still have a phone, but none of the distractions. And I also have a little notebook with me for the more creative things.

4. Plan a staycation

If you don’t feel particularly wild and free, or your introverted soul prefers to stay at home, you can always plan a cosy staycation. Again, schedule your work, and then when done, hide away your phone and make something you love, or need. Like a home spa, or movie marathon. Or just read a book from cover to cover – make your soul happy for a day or two, it deserves it! :)

5. Rediscover your world

How often do you look around when you roam your city? When was the last time you’ve listen to a friend. And I mean reeeally listened? My mind wanders away every time I talk to somebody — it starts to draw things, or to write stories and I have to gently pull it back. There is a great pleasure in listening intensely to a loved one, almost diving into their soul. Take a walk around your city and see it as a tourist. Invite a friend over, open your heart and truly listen. Practice that attention everywhere and life will be a little bit brighter.

That’s it! These are my five little tricks to make my summer really magical. Now, grab the summer planner and have a glorious time!


Stay wild and free!

♥ Lin

P.S. I apologise to everybody in the southern hemisphere, I know Winter is coming ;) I will create a Cosy Winter Planner as soon as I can. Stay warm! :)


Monthly Moods: June

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A gentle coral & beige mood might not seem very suitable for a happy-go-lucky June, but I find myself craving tranquil moments by the sea and quiet adventures in far away places. I wonder what’s behind that door and how to get on the inside. There were too many locked doors around me lately but one by one they will all open, I am sure of it.

Happy June!

♥ Lin

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Wallpaper: Full Moon Tonight

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mpx-wallpaper-june15-coverDOWNLOAD WALLPAPER

We have full moon tonight — enjoy it with a new June wallpaper! And if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you might find the phrase somehow similar to another one from the series. This is no coincidence — I was tired of gloom and doom, so this is my bright and shiny version of it :)

Have a magical evening and stay positive!

♥ Lin


New font: Missish Calligraphy Font + Giveaway

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Missish-font-coverJust like the Beauty of the Peaks, my new font Missish Calligraphy Font was inspired by Jane Austen books (and some of the movie adaptations) and it’s made with the romantic heroes and heroines in mind. You can grab it here: Missish Calligraphy Font on Creative Market and if you follow @mindfulpixels on Instagram you already know that there is a givaway going on, so you have a chance to win Missish (hurry up — it ends on Tuesday)!

Missish-font-9I did a lot of calligraphy before choosing all the glyphs. My idea was to create a font that reminded me of a letter written (and then read) in one breath. You know, the love letter you simply want to consume with one glance and don’t have the patience to read from start to bottom!

Missish-font-10I love drawing silhouettes — creating a face and then a story behind it is somehow magical. The six silhouettes included in this product, are just a product of my imagination but they are named after some of my most favourite characters of the Regency era – Elizabeth and Darcy, Jane and Rochester, Anne and Wentworth. I hope you like them and have fun making up your own stories.

Missish-font-3Missish-font-2Missish-font-1Missish-font-4 Missish-font-5 Missish-font-6 Missish-font-7 Missish-font-8Happy creating!

♥ Lin


DIY: Handmade Business Cards

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diy-minicards-coverI love MOO. I’ve ordered their mini cards twice already and I absolutely adore them. This weekend I am going to a handmade festival, so I decided to make a couple of DIY business cards for myself. This is a little show and tell of how to make mini or regular size cards of your own.

diy-minicards-7After ordering a stamp with my logo and name on it, I was ready to go. I also gathered a couple of other tools: watercolours, watercolour pencils, heavy watercolour paper, brush, x-Acto knife, cutting board, ruler, black stamp ink and a jar of water.


Your personal stamp

It’s a good idea to have a stamp with your logo and name on it. You can always use it to make business cards, for playful packaging or just for fun. It’s relatively inexpensive item to add to your branding tools and it comes in handy in many situations. If you prefer you can print and cut your cards instead.

diy-minicards-2 diy-minicards-2a

Painting your cards

After cutting my mini cards (2.75” x 1.10”) I carefully stamped them and let them dry. My ink is black, non-waterproof stamp ink, but you can choose any stamp ink you find suitable. Use your favourite drawing materials, anything you feel comfortable with — after all it’s all about your identity. I used watercolour pencils on heavy watercolour paper for the first batch of cards. Avoid applying water on the whole card because it can bend slightly.

diy-minicards-3diy-minicards-4There is no limits to what you can do. Each card can be a tiny unique piece of art. MOO has the awesome printfinity option, so if you really love your handmade cards, you can scan them and print them all!

diy-minicards-5diy-minicards-6These are some of my DIY business cards. They are cute addition to my MOO mini cards, so I think I’m ready for the handmade festival. Have you ever made your business cards instead of printing them? Do you like the idea of having a stamp as an addition to printed cards?

♥ Lin


Monthly Moods: May

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A new adventure starts today – I’m calling it Monthly Moods. This project will give me the chance to share great design and inspirational visuals with you and I hope it will keep your creative mojo dancing. I will post a mood board every month and the first one is all about calm green spring! Initially I was awed by the adorable April Look bow tie (we have three of them already and we absolutely love them! ^^)

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Stay creative!

♥ Lin