Wallpaper October

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OK, it’s time to get some work done. Summer is gone for good and my hands are itching to create more great things. I am working on a pretty amazing crystal projects and I hope I’ll be able to share it with you very soon. Here is the inspirational wallpaper for October – enjoy it and happy creating!1-oct-15-wallpaper-air



Love + Light,

♥ Lin


Mindful Lettered Moods

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It appears, brush lettering is an amazing way to say what you feel. Last week I started a new brush lettering series on Instagram, called #MindfulLetteredMoods. The project is a combination of brush lettering practice, personal wisdom, inspirational quotes and self expression.

I highly recommend brush lettering as a creative output. I believe, writing random words in the end of each day, or repeating a mantra a couple of times, can do miracles!

Now, if this looks too hard, here is lovely brush lettering tutorial by Lindsey of The Postman’s Knock to get you started. If you’d rather dive in right away, here is a complete brush lettering guide by Olivia by Random Olive that will help you along the way.

Give brush lettering a try and see how this practice will transform your soul.

Don’t forget to enjoy + share the process!

Love + light,

♥ Lin


Recipe: Easy Yummy Fruitcake (vegan)

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I am a reluctant cook and everybody who knows me will be shocked to see me spending more than 20 minutes preparing a dish. But from time to time I experiment with simple ingredients and create something yummy. Vegan meals are what I love and they are my speciality. I hope you will enjoy my latest creation – Easy Yummy Fruitcake:


And here is the recipe:

Mix 2 tea cups of fig jam + 1 tea cup of cold water + 1/2 tea cup of vegetable oil with 1 tea cup of shredded nuts + 2 tea spoons of baking soda + vanilla + 3 tea cups of whole meal spelt flour. Stir, stir, stir! Bake at 180°C / 350°F for about 40 minutes. Do not open the oven for the first 20 minutes or the dough will not rise properly. That’s it!

Have fun baking this heavenly delicious cake and please let me know if you have any yummy, quick, and easy vegan recipes I could try!

Love + light,

♥ Lin


Monthly Moods: September + Succulent Inspiration

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mood-board-2015-september-coverI recently moved (again! I counted them – it’s my 17th flat, but this is a whole other story and will be told another time) and I attempted to create a beautiful urban herb garden on my balcony. Unfortunately, the summer happened to be a very hot and dry one (practically, it was a two-month-long heat wave) and most of my herbs died.. This sad event made me rethink my gardening endeavors. The three plants that are still alive are an aloe vera plant, a fig palm and my tiny but very resilient rosemary.

I’ve always loved succulents and since they are somehow less fussy than, say, basil I think I’ll be planting my terrarium soon. Of course you cannot eat them but they are incredibly pretty to drink your tea next to :) So, here is my succulent inspired September moodboard:

mood-board-2015-september 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5



And now I would like to share with you the lovely ideas I have found so far:

DIY Succulent Crown

by Needles and Leaves

diy succulent crown via needles + leaves

Score & Solder Terrarium

DIY by Amanda of Wit & Whistle


Beautiful terrariums by Score & Solder with crystals inside:




While looking for succulents and browsing through Pinterest, I stumbled upon an English photographer and a Cornish painter. I loved their creations instantly and I think you might like them too – take a look:

Andrew Monthgomery Photography
Amanda Hoskin Art


Have you found succulent DIYs or lovely ideas

Stay happy and keep creating!

Love + light,

♥ Lin



September Wallpaper + My Top 3 Learning Resources

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I think we’ve got the whole concept of learning a little bit wrong – you are not supposed to stop learning when you leave school. In fact to keep growing + thriving you should embark on a personal adventure of serious study and self improvement. If you need ideas where to start here are my top three learning resources this month:

1. The Postman’s Knock – Learning Calligraphy

Here you can learn an actual skill. I am currently working my way through the Premium Calligraphy Worksheet Set {Beth Style} and I absolutely love it so far. Since I have plenty of experience with brush lettering I found transitioning to calligraphy nibs not hard at all, but you can work on these even if you are an absolute beginner. Lindsey explains everything in depth and the worksheets are really easy to follow.

2. June Letters – Client Branding 101

I am still taking a break from client projects, but I think this little book is a gem – I love to find out more about the work processes of other designers, especially talented souls such as Jess. This book gave me plenty of ideas for my design work flow and time management.

3. Charge Up

If you are an introverted creature feeling slightly overwhelmed (I know I am) chances are you will like this book a lot. It gave me plenty of food for thought. I started to uproot ‘common sense’ patterns that are great for most of my extroverted friends and family, but do not work for me at all. The transformation has been slow, but very liberating and I haven’t finished the book yet!

I hope you find my learning resources helpful. What are you learning this month?

Happy September + stay curious!

♥ Lin