Allow me to introduce myself first...

I'm Lina, a brand designer and the girl behind this whimsical online operation called Mindful Pixels. 

I help creative women across the globe build better brands for their businesses.

But why would anyone need a brand? you might ask.

OK, raise your hand if any of those apply to you:

  • You have a passion and you've decided to build a business around it but have absolutely no idea where to start.
  •  You've had your blog for almost a year now and you've been publishing one article a week. You are passionate about it but it seems nobody else is—you have five readers per month and one of them is your mum.
  • You transformed your life recently and want to tell the world about it, inspire people AND make a living in the process. 
  • You create handmade jewelry and you feel you need more than just an anonymous  Etsy shop.
  • You’re ready to start your own business that not only looks and feels amazing, but makes a difference in the world, too.
  • You've decided to downsize, embrace minimalism and travel, while working from anywhere. 
  • You've been running your small business for a while but you have the nagging feeling that something's missing. 


Your brand is your business avatar— a manifestation of your ideas and parts of yourself, intricately intertwined with each other and presented to the world through your design and your writing.

Learning how to mindfully and deliberately write your brand story and design your brand graphics will make your business journey much more joyful—no more second guessing and tweaking design and text until the end of days.

Building a better brand means the ability to know, almost instinctively, what's good for your business and what's not. It means the freedom to focus on what YOU do best.


what you'll find here

  • Tips on how to start a heart centred online business.
  • Ideas on how to find your niche, your dream customer and stop being a lone voice in the desert.
  • I'll teach you how to share your story, reach the people that need you the most and set up the perfect offerings for them (and for you).
  • I'll give you the opportunity to create a brand that tells your story and matches your quirky personality.
  • I'll help you find your purpose and that of your business.
  • I'll give you a helping hand setting up your online operation so you can work and travel as a digital nomad.
  • You'll learn how to take your business from "selling stuff online" to  a brand you and your community love.

oh, this SOUNDS great! WHERE DO I START?

Riiiight here! Start by working your way through the Brand Discovery Workbook and creating your brand story.

And remember, you can do this, love!