Do you know that feeling when you wake up very early in the morning with a zest for life, full of ideas, and ready to conquer the Universe?

Knowing that what you do matters, that you’re giving the world your very best, and you’re helping fellow humans have a better life – this is what that feeling is.

It’s called feeling alive –


mindfully, wildly, unapologetically alive!


And I want as many women as possible to wake up like this.

This is my mission.

Hi, my name is Lin, I’m a designer and I’ll be your navigator through your journey to awesomepreneurship.

You’re the pilot, so let’s go!




I help creative women design beautiful & sustainable brands, businesses and ultimately – the lives they dream of.

I want to help you find and keep your balance, your happy place, and your mojo in your business and in your daily life. My way to do that is through nifty tools +  resources, and through sharing design + business tips, I’ve been gathering for years.



  • Creative girl boss, who needs tools to keep all your projects + dreams + goals organised.
  • Passionate blogger, who looks for design tips, images and graphics for your gorgeous online home.
  • Soulful & highly creative free spirit, who craves more mindful moments in your daily life.



  • Planners, workbooks + checklists, designed with creative solopreneurs in mind.
  • Digital resources for your design endeavors.
  • Branding + design tips to help you style your business.
  • Tools for mindful meditation and simple creative recharging.



  • I want to help you organise your business & life, so you can achieve more, without any anxiety.
  • I want to help you keep your brand design beautifully consistent, so your business can be recognised and celebrated instantly.
  • I want to help you be more mindful + creative in your business and life, so you can be your shiny best self and help others thrive.



what to expect?



This is the base for all achievements. Every dream and goal can be reached and achieved, but only if you stay consistent and persistent throughout your journey. And here is where organisation is crucial.

I create planners, workbooks and checklists exclusively for creatives. Your quirky monkey mind works a tiny bit differently and needs a different set of rules to get organised - 'generic' and 'boring' will not do, so I'm going with 'beautiful', 'playful' and 'imaginative'.





Branding is a very important part of your business. It's the story of your offerings and your personality, told with your copy, images, typography, colours and overall style. Your branding is your unique combination of these simple ingredients. I am devoted to helping you craft your very own brand design, so you can easily communicate your message to your vibrant tribe, and your business can thrive.



I believe that everybody needs a creative output. I also believe in the healing powers of visual expression. My goal is to create tools that will enrich your creative process, and will ease you into self expression and self discovery. This way you can move closer to your happy place - the one, where you feel at your best, do your best work, and can make a difference in the world.




My name is Lin Chervenkova.

I am a graphic designer, yoga student, and a girl with crafty fingers, logical mind and a heart wide open.

I studied Digital Media in Bremen, Germany and Graphic Design in Nottingham, UK. After graduating, I started working at a design agency in Bremen, helping create ecommerce websites for German retailers.

In 2012, after five years of making pretty online shops, I moved to London, UK to work as a freelance graphic designer + be close to my family (no, not for the Olympics, although they were great, oh yes!)

If you're curious to find out more about me, just read on, my dearest!




I am a yogi

I was a introverted as a child and spent plenty of time alone, so sitting in stillness and breathing deep, without holding on to any particular thought, comes naturally to me. The physical aspect of yoga came much later. Eight years ago a German doctor told me I had scoliosis and I was 'almost ready' to be operated on. It scared me silly and I started doing pilates and yoga like crazy. For an year I woke up every morning at 5am, did my yoga practice, and went to work. In the evenings I did pilates and went to bed. I gave up my social life for my health and I think it was a fair deal. I fell in love with yoga then - my body felt invincible and my soul had it's own shiny protective shield.


I'm a Treki, a Star Wars fan AND a browncoat!

You too? Let's chat!


Europe is my home

I was born in Bulgaria, spent half of my life in Germany and live with my family in the UK + Bulgaria. I am a European. I love Italian food, Finnish sauna and Serbian quince schnaps. I sing French songs and relax with Scandinavian symphonic metal. I read English fantasy authors and news in German. Most of the time I walk around with at least three currencies in my wallet + several dictionaries on my phone. I can go on like this forever, but you get the point - Europe is my home.



I re-read most of the Jane Austen's books every year (yep, it's true..)

And I watch all the movies, too. Period drama is a safety place. I know women had no rights at that time + Sir Alexander Fleming made his discovery in 1928, therefore most people lived really short lives, but I see the books as fairy tales. The romantic adventures of a heroin, possessing a deep soul and a sharp mind, never ceases to excite me.

My favourite book is Persuasion (it's all about second chances), my least favourite is Emma (she's a too whiny)

Some time ago I went to the Jane Austen Museum in Bath - I missed the tour, raided the gift shop, and I will be going back there someday!


I'm a tall girl

I'm 5'8'' and yes, I still wear high heels sometimes (although I prefer walking barefoot, as much as I can) + I have plenty of fresh air in the tube, and a great view at concerts.



I read science fiction & fantasy books obsessively

When I pick up a book to read for fun there is this small voice going on in my head. It sounds like this:

"Are there dragons? No? Elves? No? Spaceships maybe? Aliens? No? Bummer.. Is it a Jane Austen novel or a classic? No? Well, why should I read it then?"

I know it's not fair to all the other great books out there, so I make an effort and read a 'normal' book from time to time, but the general rule is - if a book is about the real world I live in, I'd rather read a newspaper or a magazine.


I don't have a TV

Never had, never will have. News feeds + John Oliver, Stephen Colbert & Neil Degrasse Tyson inform me about the real world.


English is my third language

I love words - reading & writing are huge parts of my life. My first language is Bulgarian and English came at the age of 7. But time is not important when it comes to languages and here is why:

Imagine a big room with a tiny door. There are three people in it. Imagine the fire alarm going on and all of them running towards the door all at once. See where this is going? They cannot go out one at a time, and when they clash at the door I start speaking gibberish to my boyfriend and family (they think it's hilarious!). The usual order of my three people going out is Bulgarian, German, and then English. I but this order changes very often and I consider the three languages in my head equals.

The next language I would very much like to learn is Dutch (I think it's the love child of German and English) and the one after that - Suomi (the strange and amazingly beautiful sounds Finnish people make to communicate with each other and with their sledge dogs). Europe is an absolute language paradise!



I love the stars + space + astronomy

Scott Kelly, Mark Kelly, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Brian Cox are (space) rock stars to me (+ I find smart people very attractive) These photos are made with my DSLR, but I am thinking of finally buying a telescope so I can star gaze as much and as deep as I want.

Humans have been looking at the starts for thousands of years and only in the last 100 or so years we have put walls over our heads and polluted our nights with light. We watch the stars on the TV instead. I say (+ Neil Degrasse Tyson does too) KEEP LOOKING UP!


I drink massive amounts of tea

Mostly herbal, but not only. I love all teas and have a huge tea & herb collection + a couple of herbology books (the Sorting Hat is still not quite sure, but I might be in Hufflepuff after all, who knows..) I know my herbs and use them as any proper good witch should. There is special magic in brewing tea mindfully and with deep intention.


Enough about me!

Now it's your turn, I'd love to hear from you! Get in touch + tell me about yourself.