Why do you need a brand board

Why do you need a brand board

Have you ever cut your hair as a way to mark a new beginning? I do that every time I need a crisp fresh start.

But it’s not just the haircut, is it?

That’s just the physical element of the changes you are making. The final touch of the new you. This is what I call Personal Rebranding.

So, when your business feels like it needs a new haircut too, you go through a rebranding process. And at the end of it, when all of your design elements are ready, you get your brand board.

Brand boards look positively pretty, but have you ever wondered why the heck do you need one?

3 useful tools for scheduling your social media posts

3 useful tools for scheduling your social media posts

Being a one-woman-business is like flying a commercial plane all by yourself—you steer the plane, you navigate the course, you talk to the tower, you serve the coffee, and on top of that you smile and make everyone feel comfy and safe.

You make sure everything is running smoothly, and you take care of everyone on board. That's not an easy job and at times it can feel like you're in serious turbulence.

So today I'd like to make your life a little bit easier by giving you 3 useful tools for scheduling your social media posts when you are just starting your business.

Why you need a daily writing habit and how to make one

Why you need a daily writing habit and how to make one

have you ever stared at a blank page feeling stupefied? Sitting there with a knot in your belly, not knowing how you'll manage to write the gazillion pages you have due yesterday?

I call this feeling the writing knot. It's paralyzing and it drains away the joy of being an entrepreneur.

You need to write to keep your business alive. And thriving.

Writing is the only method of clear communication you have. You can make videos, but you need to write scripts for them first, so yes, it's still writing.

And yes, a picture says 1000 words, but these words are open for interpretation. Do you want your readers to imagine your super clear inspiring message, or do you want to make absolutely sure they get it right?

Writing is where it all starts.

The secret of having more time to create

The secret of having more time to create

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to do all they do? They write a blog, upload videos, have a thriving creative business, volunteer, take care of their family, and they look fabulous while doing all of it.

It’s like they have at least 37 hours a day, where you only get 24.

Where do they get all that time? Do they have a time machine or a time turner?

It turns out, neither. Their secret has nothing to do with the amount of time they have.

In fact, you can have all the time in the world and you can sit in front of your computer for hours, not getting anything done. You can browse and chat and stare at the blank page on your screen, and accomplish nothing.

In the end of the day you feel:

  • unsatisfied with what you've accomplished

  • as if you haven't got enough done even though you've worked 15 hours

  • guilty for taking so many breaks

  • burnt out

  • not good enough for this job

If this sounds like you, I have a simple but very effective remedy for your pain—the secret of having more time to create.