11 Facebook Communities for Big-Hearted Business Gals

Every morning I wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth and step onto my yoga mat. Then I take a moment to thank the Universe (usually while lifting weights or in a down dog) for the privilege to be able to work from home. I live in a tiny flat under tall acacia trees and I don't get much sunshine at all. But this here — the French windows, the little table my boyfriend made for us and the hand embroidered (by my mum) tablecloth is my perfect working spot. Add a steaming Italian coffee to that and I'm ready to conquer the world.

The opposite of this dreamy home office is the open space office almost all creative agencies embrace these days. They are a true nightmare for me. All those people with all their energies, stories, and emotions buzzing around, hustling busily — I have no idea how anybody can get anything creative done in such chaotic beehive, but maybe it's just my introverted inner nerd talking. (Is it, though?)

That being said, there's one thing I miss about having colleagues and being part of a team - 


the ability to bounce off ideas or brainstorm with somebody who knows what I'm talking about.  The perfect understanding of a work bestie or a business bestie is what’s missing from my life right now.

Enter Facebook groups. I haven’t found a business partner just yet, but I found the next best thing — people who “get me” right away. I found several groups where I can meet girl solopreneurs, just like me, and where I feel part of, if not a team, then at least of a community of illuminated women. Or as I call them: creative business sisters.

11 Facebook Communities for Big-Hearted Business Gals

There are plenty of communities out there and most of them will welcome you for many different reasons. So I'll give you 11 groups I love being part of. Here they come:

1. Boho Berry Tribe

This group is hosted by the Bullet Journal goddess Kara  and this is where I get all my bullet journal planning inspiration from.

2. Creative Superheroes

Hosted Allison Marshal a.k.a. Wonderlass — the most brightly coloured entrepreneur under the Sun. I love reading the branding questions of the Creative Superheroes in her community and helping where I can.

3. Elle & Co Community

It's a community hosted by Lauren, a fellow graphic designer. I've learned a lot from her and her tribe and I love answering branding questions every now and then.

4. Home + DIY Bloggers Biz Chat with Gemma Bonham-Carter

A great bunch of crafty folk and side hustlers. I browse to learn more about the beginning of solopreneurial journey of a creative girl bosses.

5. Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher

It's a Facebook group about Facebook groups! The host Catlin gives great marketing tips perfectly suited to small one-woman shops.

6. Blog Beautiful

Great community for DIY bloggers who use mainly Wordpress. I like Marianne's daily prompts.


It's about time Mindful Pixels had its own community, don't you think? This group is a safe place for introverted creatives to find their soul sisters and much-needed support on their epic one-woman business journey. In this community you'll get answers to your branding and business questions, honest feedback, hot virtual tea and loving eHugs. Join us now...

8. Creative Lady Collective

An amazing community of business gals hosted by Jess of June Letters Studio. Those ladies are a little bit further along on their entrepreneurial journey and I enjoy their company a lot.

9. Creative Movers & Shakers

This is where the crafty Etsy folk hangs and I love seing what they've been up to lately. The group is hosted by Ria from craftsposure.com

10. The Designer Collective

This is a group for graphic designers hosted by Nesha Woolery. I love being part of a designer community and I learned a lot from Nesha's Organize & Automate course.

11. Photography For Your Blog + Biz

As any good OSD control junkie girl boss, I love taking my own pictures for my blog and website and Chaitra from itspinkpot.com has some very good tips on that topic. This is her community and I like being part of it.

What about you?

Where do you find your peers and peeps? Which are your favourite Facebook groups?


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