3 useful tools for scheduling your social media posts

Being a one-woman-business is like flying a commercial plane all by yourself—you steer the plane, you navigate the course, you talk to the tower, you serve the coffee, and on top of that you smile and make everyone feel comfy and safe.

You make sure everything is running smoothly, and you take care of everyone on board. That's not an easy job and at times it can feel like you're in serious turbulence.

So today I'd like to make your life a little bit easier by giving you 3 useful tools for scheduling your social media posts when you are just starting your business.

3 useful tools for scheduling your social media posts when you are just starting your business

But first, focus.

When I first started using Instagram I followed a yoga teacher called @yoga_girl. She had the most beautiful photos and stories of her yoga practice and her home in Aruba. She had hundreds of followers and then thousands.

And yet she was only active on Instagram.

Gradually, she grew her business, got a team and now she’s everywhere.

But in the beginning she only posted on Instagram. And we all know this is where all the freakishly good yogini show off their amazing bodies and skills, so she focused on the one channel most relevant to her tribe.

Whether she did it by accident or strategically, I don't know. But you and I can learn from this, and many more similar examples, and focus on just one social media channel first.



There are many online tools out there that will help you schedule your posts. Buffer is the most popular choice and it's undoubtedly one of the best social media marketing tools at the moment.

But what if you wanted to start small, test a few things first and then decide where to throw your pom-pom parties?

You have the opportunities to do just that with these three tools, that are both easy to use and free for beginners.



My favorite place to connect and market is Instagram. And this little tool helps me plan my posts. You get 40 free posts per month and a preview of your Instagram feed.

At some point, as you grow you might need to post more. In this case, if you still focused on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, you can simply update your plan.

If you want to cover more social media platforms, such as Facebook and Google+, you might want to test Buffer or Hootsuite and pick the one that works best for your business.



Hootsuite is very much like Buffer, but it offers a better free plan. With it, you can schedule updates for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Instagram and Youtube.



You can focus on Instagram, but still offer updates for people who prefer to use Twitter or Facebook as their main source of infotainment.

When you are just starting out, you need to focus on one or two social medias at the most and rock those first.

But that doesn't mean you must ignore every other channel.

No no no.

You keep them warm with automation.

For this I use IFTTT, but I've heard good things about Zappier, too.

Here is how it works:

Link your most used channels to your less used channels through the IFTTT applets.

I have Instagram linked to Twitter—every time I upload an Instagram update it’s automatically posted on Twitter with picture and all.

Don't get me wrong, this is not perfect at all. 

Each social media has its specific character and perks and they should be used to achieve the best results.

But in the beginning, you are just keeping your accounts warm and following one of my favourite mantras:

Do your best right now and when you can, do better.



Do you struggle with your social media updates? What is your favourite scheduling tool of all times? Tell me in the comments below.


Thanks for reading and may the creative force be with you!

♥ Lin