5 Great Ways to Design Your Logo on a Budget

Have you ever had a brilliant idea you knew in your bones it’s a game changer, for you and for the world? Your whole body tingling with excitement from the creative fire inside, only to collide head first with the million little details that need to be done before you've even started doing YOUR thing?

I imagine, there is a lost treasure of unwritten books and businesses never started businesses because of that paralysing feeling of overwhelm, not having everything figured out and not knowing where to start.

Well, today I’m here to help you overcome some doubts and fears. Tell me, if any of these sound familiar to you:

  •  I want to make a living by sharing my passion for cooking / jewellery design / yoga / teaching people how to be successful online / reconnecting people with themselves / (put any other creative endeavour you can think of here),  BUT don’t know where to start.
  • I don’t have the money to start a business just yet.
  • I’m not very tech-savvy and I don’t know how to do any of the branding, designing and all the stuff required for an online business to be successful.

Today I'm starting a series that’ll help you make the first small steps of your long journey as an online entrepreneur. You’ll learn five ways to design a beautiful logo for your blog, business or project on a budget, so you can test your idea and focus on the content, not the packaging. Remember:

Start now, use what you have, do your best and when you can, do better.

There are many ways to go about branding and logo creation on a budget, but I’ve gathered my favourite five for you. Here they come…


Use a gorgeous font

Basically, you just have to go to Creative Market or even Google Fonts, pick a font, write your business name and export the files. Easy peasy lemon squeezy — you have your logo! Upload it to your blog and you're ready to invite your peeps to your new online home.

Don't worry, I'll make a tutorial on how to use your favourite fonts to design your logo.


  • That’s the easiest option.
  • You can do it in any graphic app, including Canva, or even Google Slides.
  • It’s super quick and you don’t need to be a graphic design guru to do it.


  • It’s not unique, anybody can use the same font.
  • It might look a little bit too generic and plain.
  • You might lose yourself in what I call the "eye candy rabbit hole". Choosing one font when there are sooo many beautiful ones out there might be harder than you think. (Yes, I've spent precious hours drooling over amazing letters and swirls, but it's OK, it happens to every creative human under the Sun, right?)

Use your handwriting

This method is a little bit more advanced, but if you are and artist and you're used to pen and paper, all you need to do is write your business name, scan it, clean it up and voilà! — you have your one of a kind logo.

One of the parts of the Branding On a Budget series will be how to use your handwriting to design your unique logo, so stay tuned.


  • It doesn’t get more unique than that.
  • It's quick — you can do it in an afternoon.
  • If you do the editing in a free app (like Canva or even Snapseed on your phone) or in an app you already use, it’s absolutely free.


  • If you want to scale your logo or make the background transparent, you'll need Adobe Illustrator to vectorize it.
  • You need to know how to edit graphics in the app of your choice.
  • Your logo might end up looking not as professional as you've hoped.


Get a premade logo

I first saw them on Etsy — lots and lots of premade logos that need very little customisation, either from you or from the creator. Here are some adorable examples by StylishCreativeShop on Etsy:

Images by StylishCreativeShop


  • They are fairly inexpensive.
  • There is a great variety of them on Etsy.
  • It's quick — you can have your logo in a a couple of days.


  • Your logo won't be one of a kind.
  • You can fall into the "eye candy rabbit hole" and get paralysed by not knowing which logo is best for you and your business.
  • You might have to create the rest of your brand elements (such as patterns, icons, etc.) around a logo you don't have the elements of (such as fonts, illustrations, etc.)


Use a logo creator or a premade logo bundle

If you are using Photoshop or Illustrator already, a premade logo bundle is an excellent choice for you. Pick one, assemble your logo from the elements there and export your files. It's that easy! Here are my two Logo Creators on Creative Market:

*affiliate links


  • You can create your own unique mixture of elements.
  • You don’t have to start from scratch, you’ve got a library of pre-designed elements.
  • You can stay consistent by creating additional graphics for your brand from the elements in the bundle.


  • You need Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
  • You need solid basic graphic design skills and you might need to google and learn things as you go. 
  • You might get overwhelmed by all the design choices you have to make.


Get a Premade Branding Kit

This is the way to go when you don't want to do it yourself but don't want to invest in a custom branding services just yet. It's the perfect combination between a beautiful logo + your colours + quick delivery + plenty of premade brand elements + and no DIY at all. You get not just a logo, but a variety of alternative logos, patterns and blog elements you can use to decorate your online home and feel amazing in it from the very beginning of your business journey.

And it so happens that I have several distinctive Branding Kits to choose from. Go take a look!


  • It's not a product, it's a service — you don’t have to do any of the design stuff, so no Photoshop or any other graphic program needed.
  • It’s quick and affordable compared to full custom branding.       
  • You get a full branding kit, with icons, patterns, buttons and more, so your brand can look and feel consistent, professional and "sooo you" from the start.


  • It’s a little bit pricier than the other options.
  • It’s not a custom brand, so there's a limit to the customisations that can be made.
  • It’s not one of kind.

Are you happy with your current logo?

These are the five ways to go if you'd like to have a beautiful logo from the start and build a noteworthy brand as your business grow. In the coming weeks I'll tell you more about how to do things yourself, but right now, tell me this:

Are you happy with your current logo and branding? Which of these methods can help you improve them and realign your design with your values? Tell me in the comments below, love!


Thank you for reading and keep trusting your fiery soul!