9 FREE neo-wiccan fonts

Here we go again! The summer is over and to celebrate the Autumn Equinox I gathered nine very pretty and magical fonts for you.

A lot has happened during the past three months — I created the Mindful Pixels Treasury (launching on October 13), moved from Mailchimp to ConvertKit, and I spend loooots of time with my friends and family on countless adventures. And now it's time for a new one, oh yes!

Let's go!


Neo-Wiccan Magic

‘What the heck is neo-wiccan?’ you might ask. Well as far as I understand it, it describes a modern day witch — a magic maker, who embraces the real world and in the same time deliberately looks for a deeper connection with herself and the Universe. Someone who creates magical moments of awareness and bliss for herself and her tribe. 

My favourite example of this is Sarah from The Fifth Element Life


Magical Fonts

But what about neo-wiccan fonts? Well, for me it's all about a modern look with ancient symbolism — much like Sarah's Mandala Rings. Here is my small selection of magical fonts:



Midnight Constellations | Ikatan | qg 

Elianto | Anders | ASorionTW




Quito is my personal favourite, I even used it for my Mandala Logo Creator, but I think Ikatan is the most magical of them all. What do you think?


STAY HAPPY & KEEP the magic flowing!

♥ Lin