Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look at My Branding Process

I am a minimalist at heart and I love simplifying things until there's no fluff left and everything is working perfectly. This is why my branding process is made of three steps and no more. Yes, only three. And if you are just starting out your entrepreneurial journey and have decided to DIY your brand, today I'll give you an easy to follow map.


My Branding Process

1. Tell Your Story

As I often say, branding starts with your story not with your logo. You don't begin writing a book by designing the cover. No, you begin creating your fairy tale by outlining your story first. Here's more about that: The Secret of Creating a Brand You Love

And if you are ready to take that step and start your branding journey, my Brand Discovery Workbook will help you tell your epic brand story.

2. Create your graphics

When your story is ready, you've laid the groundwork for your brand design. Now you can start creating your visuals. Here is how to do that:

  1. First, do your research. Create an inspiration board in Pinterest. My Pinterest board dedicated to boho minimalism is a great example for such a board.
  2. After gathering enough inspirational images, create your moodboard. Here are 12 to get you started: 12 Moodboards for Every Month of the Year
  3. And now, after you see your visual style clear in your head you can create your logo. I've talked about three easy methods to this on your own here: How to Create a Beautiful Logo for Your Small Business
  4. Next is picking your colours. Here's how to do that: How to Choose Your Colour Palette
  5. And now, pick your 2-3 fonts. You can find more on font combinations right here: How to Choose and Combine Fonts for Your Brand
  6. Create your patterns and design elements. If you're just starting out skip this step for now and focus on building your business first.
  7. Shoot or find suitable photos. Shooting your own photos is best, but stock photos are a good option, too. Especially in the beginning of your business journey. Here are my favourite Unsplash photographers to get you started: 10 Female Photographers on Unsplash You Should Know About

3. Set up shop

What do you do when you have your logo and graphics? What's next? Well, this is the most underestimated part of branding — the setting up of your whole operation. Now you need to put your graphics and story into action on your website, social media profiles and in your marketing emails.

Also, this is when you should put strategies, processes and systems into place. They'll help you run a smooth operation and create a memorable brand experience for your customers. Here is more on my three pillars of planning and how to organise your business: How to Organise Your Creative Process

And that's it!

If done properly and if you don't change your business direction your brand could last up to 10 years without any major changes. Yet refreshing and enriching your story and your graphics should be a daily habit—after all if your business is growing so should be your brand.

Have you designed your brand yourself?

I'd love to hear about your branding experience. Did you follow a different map? What was the hardest part for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for being here, love!

Keep shining your light upon the world,