Behind the Scenes: What's brewing in the Mindful Pixels' brand shop?

Oh boy, this summer has been absolutely a-a-amazing for me (and it’s not over yet!) I’ve been working hard, learning and walking my own path for the past four years without skipping a beat or taking a moment to breathe.

And finally this year, on the verge of a break down, burn out and complete system shut down, I decided it was high time to step back and have a holiday.

And lots of cocktails.

On the beach.

For a month.

It’s not easy letting go of something you love doing, even if it is for just a month. I had to unclench my fingers one by one from my laptop and make sure, I didn’t have any internet connection where I was going.

I did it and oh boy, did it work!

The emotional congestion, redundant work patterns and ridiculous self-doubt of the past four years just melted away together with my Mojito ice under the perfectly awesome summer sun. Just like that, just like magic!

And now I’m ready for all new adventures that await us (oh yeah, you too!), starting this fall.

I am super excited for what's coming your way, so excited in fact, I decided to share it all with you way in advance. (Well, not all, but most of it. There are still plenty of surprises I won’t reveal just yet. *wink, wink*)

Here is what to expect from Mindful Pixels in 2017:

Brand Shop

Yes, yes, yes! This is my favourite project to date! It makes me dizzy to think how many magical ladies I’ll be able to help brand or rebrand their creative businesses with my premade logos and DIY branding kits.

Logo shop

Premade logos are a great way to get your business branded if you are just starting out, want to test the waters first and can't invest in a custom branding services just yet.

I’m working on a collection of minimal, feminine and versatile logos that can be easily adapted to fit a creative business runned by a conscious magic woman.

Branding Kits

As I often say, your logo doesn’t matter; it’s your full brand that gives it its meaning. So I can’t leave you with just a pretty graphic, can I?

Each logo comes with a branding kit, giving you all the stepping stones you need to create a strong brand from start to finish.

Full branding services

This has been a long time coming. I’ve been putting off the launch of my 1-on-1 services, thinking my time is better spent serving greater number of people instead. And then I realised something:

Helping one fiery lady brand her business means assisting her in the unfolding of her true and full potential. And unleashing a powerful woman with a good heart upon this mad mad world is the best way I can make it better.


Blog comeback

Starting today the Mindful Pixels blog will be filled up with articles about branding your business, planning and organising your work and marketing your offerings.

Sooo, if you have any BBQs (Burning Branding Questions) or any questions about being a solopreneur and running your own business, don’t be shy, just hit reply and send them my way. I’ll be happy to answer them in a blog post or a tutorial. Which brings me to:


Video tutorials

You asked for them, aaaand your word is my command!

There are four apps most commonly used for branding, blogging and general design purposes: Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop and Google Slides.

I’ll be teaching you how to create graphics, PDFs and brand materials in each of those, using video tutorials. I’ll capture my screen and show you each step of the design process, so you can make your own social media graphics, workbooks, brand guides, and more.

Here is where you’ll find all Mindful Pixels tutorials (besides on the Mindful Pixels blog, of course). Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.


Live Q&A – answering all your BBQs

That’s the scariest thing I’ll be doing this year. For real! I’m terrified of speaking with living, breathing people I don’t know well (yep, still a total introvert), but after talking to April (Blacksburg Belle) and Mayi (Heartmade), I’m determined to do it.

We’ll start small and I’ll be send you a letter so you can prepare your questions for me. Make sure you’re on my mailing list, so you don’t miss the announcement:

And that’s all for 2017! “Life and health”, as a saying goes, all this magic will be rolling your way one sparkling gem after another.


I hope your summer has been even better than mine!

Talk to you next week,