Video Tutorials: Design Your Logo Using Your Favourite Fonts

Last week I listed five ways to design your logo on a budget and today, as promised, we'll get up close and personal with the first one: using your favourite fonts. But first, let's see

Why is that even an option?

The most important thing when starting a business is to test your idea, find your people, make that first sell and find out if you actually love doing that passion of yours day in and day out.

Or in other words, the most important thing is to start NOW.

And for these first few steps, that can take a few weeks or sometimes even months or years, you need a logo and a few brand elements that can help you stand out while you're testing the ground and finding your feet.

Why this might be a good option for you?

In a perfect world of pink pixies (pinxies?) and never-ending nice cream, you could hire a designer from day one and have a beautifully designed custom brand before you even have a business to speak of.

But in the real world, the one where you have to work out to stay fit and share your dark chocolate with your boyfriend (because sharing is caring, they say), custom brand design can wait.

Building your brand should start with telling your story, finding your customers and testing your awesome idea. All these things are much more important than nailing the perfect visuals from the beginning of your business journey.

That being said, you cannot start without having at least a logo and a simple website (a couple of colours and images at least). Black and white, if done right, can be very appealing, indeed (just look at all minimal brands on Pinterest), but more often than not your website might end up looking like the obituary pages in a newspaper (ooops!)

So today, I'll show you how to start small, design a beautiful logo using only fonts and start building your creative online empire without having to break the bank.

Let's do this!


Before we begin, here are the pros and cons of using only fonts to design your logo once again:


  • That’s the easiest option.
  • You can do it in any graphic app, including Canva, or even Google Slides.
  • It’s super quick and you don’t need to be a graphic design guru to do it.


  • It’s not unique, anybody can use the same font.
  • It might look a little bit too generic and plain.
  • You might lose yourself in what I call the "eye candy rabbit hole". Choosing one font when there are sooo many beautiful ones out there might be harder than you think.

How to Design Your Logo Using Your Favourite Fonts

The perfect program for logo design is Illustrator. It creates vectors, not pixels. What this means is that you can scale up or down your work and the quality will remain the same. That being said, we are not looking for perfect, we are going for done here, so Photoshop and Canva will do, too. 

All video tutorials have the same three steps:

Before you begin: Pick your fonts + install them - There are plenty of free fonts but it's a good idea to buy a font that not everybody and their granny is using. Avoid super trendy and decorative fonts. Look for something that calls to you and is similar to the brand style you want to achieve. The best way to hone your branding intuition is to go through my Brand Creation Workbook (it's free!) and do the soulwork first. My favourite font places are Creative Market, Google Fonts and FontSquirrel.

  1. Use a handwritten (fancy) font for your name or initials.
  2. Use a simple serif or sans-serif font for your tagline or name.
  3. Export your files as JPEG or PNGs - JPEG will give you solid white background, PNG is best if you want a transparent background. If you are working in AI you will have a vector file that will allow you to scale your work without loosing quality.



Let's start with Canva. Canva doesn't let you choose your own fonts, unless you have the pro version. But if you want to test if your side hustle will be a good business, want to do it right this moment, and all you have is Canva, here is how to design your logo:


Design your logo in Photoshop

Next, let's look at the Photoshop process. This is a great option if you're already using the program for your graphics.

Design your logo in Illustrator

The best way to go about branding is Illustrator. If you want to create scalable graphics, this vector editing program  is the way to go.


you can use these tutorials to create logos like these (and more):


Once you've watched the tutorial, tell me this:

Do you think not having the well rounded brand is holding your business back? Does creating your logo yourself is something you've considered already but never knew how to do? Which method is your favourite and why? Let me know in the comments below, love.

Remember, the world is waiting for your magic and whatever it is, you can do it!