How to Choose Your Color Palette - Part 1: The Theory

There is a lot written about colour theory, colour psycology, and even colour combining, but how do you really pick your colours? How do you choose YOUR colour palette? How do you know if it's right for your brand and that it will touch the souls of people, you are talking to? Today I'd like to give you an easy practical approach, peppered with basic colour theory. Let's go!

How to Choose Your Color Palette - Part 1: Color Theory

Choosing the perfect colours for your business, blog or project is one of the most important part of the branding process. The colour is what creates the mood and pulls all brand elements together. Come on, I'll help you pick your perfect match!



It is impossible to encompass the meaning of ALL colours under the sun, but there are a couple of more commonly used, I'd like to talk about. Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, black, gold, and silver - these are the colours I work with most often. Here we go:





This is the simplest colour palette of all. Pick one colour and select several shades of it. That's it!



This palette is created by picking any three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. It almost looks like the monochromatic palette, but has more depth and you can easily create a specific (warm, cool, earthy, etc.) mood with it.



To create a complementary palette, pick two colours directly across each other on the colour wheel. You can add more pairs of colours, but unless you need your colour palette super colourful, it's best to just pick shades of the two colours you already have.



This palette is similar to the complementary, but you'll be picking three colours instead of two. Select one colour and look for the second and the third on either side of the hue directly across of the first colour on the colour wheel.



Pick three colours equally spaced from each other on the colour wheel and you'll have the most colourful of all colour schemes! Add shades and you're ready go go!



My favourite places are Pinterest (of course!), Adobe Color CC and Color Collective.


Stay creative!

♥ Lin