How to DIY anything you want in 3 simple steps

Let's say you want to DIY your logo. You have a great idea, you turned your hobby into a tiny business and you are sooo happy you've got your first customer and made your first sell.

Congratulations, my dear! You are on your merry way of building a business you love. And that's brilliant!

And now you feel you need a proper logo and maybe a better website. But you're not ready to hire a pro just yet, so you decide to do it yourself.

OK, let's talk this through.

First, please check these 7 reasons you should rebrand.

As the saying goes:

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."



Yes, let me say this one more time: your logo doesn’t matter.

I said it. And you will hear me say it very often.

Your brand is not your logo and this is where most people get confused. When you attempt to DIY your brand you forget or even deliberately skip steps, because you find them unimportant or dull.

You don’t write your own brief, you don’t fill up your brand workbook, you don’t do the deep soul searching needed to create an authentic brand.

You just skip to the logo part and the pretty graphics.

And that’s just like attempting to bake a cake without half the ingredients —skipping the sugar and baking powder won't do.

In the best case scenario you’ll have something edible resembling bread, but it won’t be cake, and I won’t eat it (well, I might, if it’s vegan and I’m hungry – I need my carbs, give me the bananas, noooow! But that's not the point, is it?)

You want to have a brand you and your customers absolutely love. If you want to do it yourself, do it like a pro.



You can DIY almost anything in life, if you learn the basics, find a good manual, and use your curiosity and creativity to adapt it to your needs.



1. Learn the basics and learn them well.

Teach yourself how to combine colours, how to sew basic stitches, how to mix ingredients, etc. No matter what you attempt to teach yourself, learn the building blocks you’ll need every step of the way.

2. Find instructions or manuals that show the results you want.

Look for books, blog posts, any step by step instructions you feel might help you achieve your goal.

3. Ask questions, stay curious and use your beautiful creative brain to adapt the manual to your exact needs.

Follow the instructions, and stick to the basics with deliberate awareness.

And please please please don’t skip steps.

If something doesn't work for you, ask yourself why. Pros do it, so it must be important. Do you need to learn something else, before applying this step? Did you miss something? Ask questions and have as much fun as possible.



I'd love to hear from you:

Have you ever tried to DIY your brand?

Are you a DIYer or a do prefer to you hire a professional right away?

Let me know in the comments below.


Thank you so much for reading and may the creative force be with you!

♥ Lin