The Art of Being Grateful

For some reason we don't have Thanksgiving in Europe, but I love having this glorious holiday in my calendar. Sooo, I'm crashing the American party, and joining the festivities. Let's celebrate! (in a simple, introverted, and very satisfying way, oh yes!)

No, I won't be eating any birds, but I might devour a baked honey & cinnamon pumpkin, who knows.. Instead I'll be having a week of reflection upon the passing year. How would you like to join me in a meditation on the art of being grateful?



And I mean all, good and bad, it was a good year for me. Let's talk about your 2015 adventures. Here are three essential questions to help you count your blessings (I know, they are not chickens, but it's fun to count them anyway, yes!)

What's the best thing that happened to you this year?

Oh, this should be easy and for me it is rather obvious! Or is it? I would say it's re-starting my creative business, and in many ways it is exactly that, but in reality I am thankful for the freedom it gave me to spend much more time with the people I love.

What's the worst thing?

In each Yin there is a bit of Yang - even the most unfortunate events might have some, however small, positive consequences sometimes. Usually, dark moments stop you in your tracks and make you feel, think, and be concious human being again.


In each Yin there is a bit of Yang - your goal is to find it & use it well.


Who are the five people, who influenced you the most?

They say you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. I wonder if spending time on somebody's blog counts as spending time with her. The joke aside, this year I was online much more often, and I am grateful to have found five shiny souls, I can learn from and look up to:


♥ Marie Forleo

♥ June Letters

♥ The Darling Three

♥ Nora Conrad

♥ Blacksburg Belle


To them, I say thank you from all my heart.



And this is the most important thing, isn't it? Your family is what makes you whole. It does not matter if it's your family at home, your online tribe, or your girls at the yoga studio - it's time to give them all the love you've got. And this is a good place to start your gratitude playsheet.



Grab a cup of tea, your pen and colouring pencils, and sit down with the gratitude playsheets. Feel, don't think, and see what magic your crafty fingers will conjure. If you feel like sharing your art, please use the #MindfulColouringMeditation tag on Instagram, so I can find you there! Let's do this, oh yes!



It's time to count your blessings!

Colourful fillable playsheet + Colouring playsheet

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Stay Mindful!

♥ Lin