The Secret of Creating a Solid Brand You Love

Your logo doesn’t matter. Yep, I just said that and I’ve been saying it for years now. And here’s why:

Chances are, you're a creative woman with your very own spark of genius. You've decided to take a leap of fate and make a living around that genius. And so you embark on your epic business journey.

You start by creating a logo, and then a blog and a website. And then, when you're online and you're ready to start selling your products and offering your services, you find yourself alone and filled with doubt.

"Is this the best logo for me?", "Is this this website pretty enough?", "Should I change my brand colours?" are just few of the many nagging questions that paralyze you. And then you spend a month or so tweaking and "improving" your brand, hoping people will notice how beautiful everything is, instead of spreading your magic and making the world giggle some more.

And this is why your logo doesn’t matter:


Your story is the heart and soul of your brand, not your logo.

And this is the point where many business journeys end—at the door of uncertainty, with a pocketful of ideas and no real story behind them.

You may have the prettiest logo in the Universe, but without a story all you've got is a fist full of flour. Your story is the water, unleashing the glue that'll help hold everything together (and make delicious pizza dough).

When you try to build a successful business from scratch "pretty" is not good enough. Not by a longshot.

What you really need is inspiring, lovable, relatable, friendly, 'oh-my-goodness-me-too!', kind, loving, transparent, etc. And this a heartfelt story can help you create, my young padawan, as Master Yoda might say.

The secret of creating a solid brand you love

So, what's the secret here?

It's simple really.

Start with your story, not with your logo.

Sit down and start writing everything you know about your magic: what's your personal one-of-a-kind story, what do you do, why it is important to you, etc.

In my summer branding course Make Your Brand Magically Irresistible your story is the First Branding Spell.

Your brand design is not even in the top 3, it's the Fourth Branding Spell

The secret of creating a great brand is to gather your ingredients first, stir them well and then bake with care and love. Write before you design. Give before you ask for something.

And follow the Seven Branding Spells without skipping any of them.

The Seven Branding Spells

This baking metaphor is exactly how I came up with the Seven Branding Spells. It’s like trying to bake a cake with sugar and vanilla only—if you leave out half the ingredient and if you don't mix them properly, you won't get the nice vegan brownies you've been dreaming of for two days (oh wait, that's me, not you, but you get my point)

First Branding Spell: Your Story

Start by telling your true story to the world. All of it. Without your personal story of struggle and success, doubt and magic, darkness and light, your business is just another "selling stuff to people".

Second Branding Spell: Your Customers

Fall in love with your customers. Because without them, all you have is a hobby. Because you do what you do to help them thrive, to inspire them, to make them happy. Find the people you want to serve and start speaking directly to them.

Third Branding Spell: Your Cause

Make your business a beacon of hope. Tell your reasons of doing what you do. Stand up for something, speak out and let your people know how much you care about them, doing good and having a positive impact on this precious world. Share your 'WHY?' with your tribe.

Fourth Branding Spell: Your Design

Design your dream brand. When you've done all the soul searching for the first three spells, you've done all the hard work. Now, it should be easy to take intuitive decisions, free of doubt and uncertainty, and have fun.

This is where the Mindful Pixels Brand Shop can help you the most. I've created something that will make it super easy for you to get the logo you want, design a beautiful solid brand, and start doing what your do best - YOUR special kind of magic.

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Fifth Branding Spell: Your offerings

Light up people’s souls by offering them the very best you have. Your offerings are the core of your business. Sharing them with the world, and providing as much value as you can is what your business is all about. Help, inspire and give joy to your dream customer by providing solution to a problem of hers or making her feel all sparkly, special and loved.

Sixth Branding Spell: Your Personality

Pour your dazzling personality into your brand. That's the best way to know that what you do is unique and can't be done by anybody else. Your words carry tremendous power to convince, support, cheer, give hope, express love, and more. Use them strategically to breathe life into your brand.

Seventh Branding Spell: Your Rules

This last spell is the most underestimated part of branding: making up your own brand rules. The best part of being a entrepreneur is that YOU get to set the rules. Not all of them, but most of them. And these rules are a huge part of your brand, too.

Which is your favourite branding spell?

So this is it, my love. You know the secret now. Have you ever taken the time to sit down with pen and paper to write down your story, your brand story and the reasons behind your business?

Which spell do you find most difficult for you? Why is that? Let me know in the comments below, my dear, and let's take you one step closer to your dream brand.


Thanks for shining your light upon this mad-beautiful-scary-happy world, love!