The Weekly Moods Project + 9 FREE Summer Colour Palettes

This was one of the best summers for me (still is) and as a celebration of its awesomeness, I'd like to give you something special.

Around the time of the Summer Solstice, I started giving the upcoming week a colour mood. Each Sunday, as I planned the next week in my bullet journal, I'd create one colour palette based on a photo that felt like the week I was about to have.

Fast forward three months later and I have this beautiful collection of summer colour palettes, I absolutely need to share with you! So here we go ...


There are more than nine weeks in the three months of summer, but I picked my favourites. Here they are:

Lavender Dreams

There is a field of lavender near my favourite local swimming pool and I love filling my eyes and lungs with lavender scent, when up there.  The summers in southern Europe smell like lavender, hot dust and watermelons.

Ocean Lace

The ocean from above looks like lace or fine embroidery, don't you think?

Potion Party

As a student I worked in a bar for a while and one of my favourite activities there was learning to mix cocktails. What is  a summer evening without a cocktail, eh (virgin or not)?

Summer Breakfast

When it gets too hot to eat solid food, ice cold watermelon or a blueberry banana smoothie bowl, topped with what's currently in season is the best breakfast ever!

Summertime and the livin's easy

I spent some time on a Greek Island and found out two things about myself: First, the turquoise colour of the southern seas is my favourite colour on this planet (for now). Second, island life is not for me — is there such a thing as island claustrophobia?  

Broccoli perfection

Greece didn't offer much food for a whole food vegan, so once I came back home, I made up for all the fried courgettes and pita breads with these deep green beauties.

See calling

Summers should be spent having adventures with friends. The see is optional but of course it's always better to have it a couple of feet from your tent, yes?

Chocolate Day

Open your calendar and mark July 7th, please. It's one of the days in the year, when you can eat as much chocolate as you want — it's the World Chocolate Day! The other ones are Easter, Christmas, your birthday, your cat's birthday and the other 360 days of the year. #darkchocolatelover

Summer Festival

I count myself lucky when September gives us as much warmth and adventures as July did. It's like having won an extra month of summer bliss.

The Free Library

Aaaaand that's it! Now, all you need to do is get your 9 free Summer Colour Palettes. And, oh boy, do I have a surprise for you! I gathered all Mindful Pixels freebies into one nifty Free Library, so you can access them all at once. Isn't that simply splendid!?


That's all for now, my dearest Jedi Lady. I hope to see you next week!

Keep shining and creating fearlessly!