Where to find beautiful stock photos for your blog

Stock photos are an easy and pretty way to create depth on your blog. There are many sites where you can find beautiful stock photos and today I want to share my favourites with you.

Let's see where to find pretty photos and how to use them, shall we?

You've probably heard of Unsplash and Death to the Stock Photos, right? They are perfectly awesome places for great photos, but there are more. Here are six other amazing sources of beautiful creative business & blog worthy images:








Look for photos that match the mood of your blog – too dark, too colourful , or too cluttered? Be picky! When you find a suitable image, don't use it 'as is' – brand it! 

 Here is how:

  • Use a filter or overlay colour that matches your brand look&feel.
  • Crop it and use only part of the image.
  • Cover the photo with your a transparent version of your brand colour and add text.


Use them as a tool

Don't forget – everybody can use the same photos as you. They are not your story, they are a tool that can help you tell your story. Look for photos that can help you do that, not just for pretty pictures you feel drawn to.


Make sure they are really free

Most sites use the Creative Commons licence and if the picture you've chosen is marked as CC0, you're good to go. This is a "no rights reserved" licence and you can, use the image "as is" or alter it, and you are not requred to give credit.

All other licenses have some form of terms and conditions, so read them carefully, just to be on the safe side. And when in doubt, ask the artist or the website where you found the image. 


Always Give credit where credit's due

Enough said.


Where do you find your stock photos?

And how do you match them to your blog? Or do you prefer to shoot all your pictures yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Stay creative!

♥ Lin