Your journey towards awesomepreneurship has begun with all the ups and downs every beautiful adventure ought to have. And here I am, offering you a helping hand the only way I can – through design, planners and friendship.

The mission of this Treasury is to be a helpful online hub, a safe place, and a source of inspiration for creative entrepreneurs. The idea behind it is to help girl bosses rule their creative business empires by providing them with super nifty tools, designed especially for the feminine maker of magic - you.

Here you will find:

  • Creative planners, based on the bullet journal system, to help you organise your business.
  • Unique design resources to help you perk up your beautiful brand.
  • A love letter to remind you how magical you are.
  • Exclusive early access to my newest products.
  • A safe place to talk about your business, creative life, and all that makes you glorious and shiny!

What is the treasury?


The Mindful Pixels Treasury is a monthly digital subscription box full of goodies made especially with the creative girl boss in mind. It is also a membership to the Mindful Magic Maker community – a cosy place where ideas are exchanged, help is offered and friendships blossom.

the tools

Nifty planners, pretty patterns, handy Photoshop or Illustrator templates, stock photos and more unique tools for creative bloggers.




Inspirational manifesto and a passionate love letter from the Universe (and me) to you - just  a monthly reminder how awesome you are.



Loving community where you can learn, find answers to your business and design questions, and make new friends.


How does it work

The Treasury is a monthly digital subscription box. After signing up you will get access to this month's Treasury Box and to Mindful Magic Maker Community.

Each month you will get:

  • A brand new planner to help you organise your business.
  • Templates (for AI or PS) or handmade patterns or stock photos for your stunning brand and blog.
  • A love letter from the Universe (and me)
  • A new MMM article and action steps.


Who is it for?

The Treasury is for designers, writers, bloggers, artists and every creative gal on a mission. Whether you have a business or want to start one, whether you are planner junkie or love to get fresh design resources regularly, the Treasury can help you make room for what really matters – your work, your tribe and your epic life journey.



Each month a new Treasure Box full of goodies will be delivered to you. It will contain a planner, a design tool + a little surprise every now and then. Everything is hand crafted with love for girl bloggers and their wonderful creative realms.



There is something truly and utterly wonderful in well organised creation flow, blog writing process and social media schedule. 


The unique handcrafted designs for Photoshop and Illustrator will help you style your brand and prettify your blog. 

love letters

A little reminder of how awesome you are. The Universe sends its love and invites you to love yourself no matter what.



Every now and then the season will require extra magic. So, I will oblige and spread the joy as much as I possibly can ;)