LEA • Nurturing Healer


Nurturing Healer

Meet Lea. She's a compassionate and loving guardian, sent here to protect us and help us rise from the ashes. Her mere presence is enough for you to let your guard down and feel as if you've finally come home.

She creates a home wherever she goes, a safe harbour for wanderers and weary souls. She's a mother and she gives new life and new hope to everyone in her life.

She's not afraid of strangers. All the humans and animals on Earth are her family. She'll tell you that you're never alone and she'll teach you how to be a part of her loving tribe.


  • home
  • life
  • motherhood
  • fertile
  • mandala
  • healer
  • circle
  • family
  • tribe
  • nurturing
  • chakras
  • selfless
  • mother
  • prayer
  • safe
  • guardian
  • love

    Calming patters, natural textures, light backgrounds

    GRAPHIC ELEMENTS: mandalas, circles, chakra symbols

    COLOURS: Pastel colours, hazy late summer hues. For more see LEA colour palettes

    PHOTOGRAPHY: calm summer scenes, homy pictures, table settings. For more see the LEA Unsplash collection

    VISUAL INSPIRATION: see the LEA Pinterest board

    about lea

    On her day off she'll get up early, clean her house, plan the week, cook dinner and have a wonderful evening of laughter and good food with her loved ones. 

    Her element is Earth.

    Her season is late summer—early spring, around the Autumn Equinox, when the Earth gives us the most of its fruits.

    Her favourite times of the day are the lazy August afternoons with her family.

    Her superpower is healing and nurturing. She'll teach us that everything is connected and we are part of a infinitely beautiful whole called Earth.


    miss lea engulfed you in a loving hug?