LUNA - Priestess of Light


Priestess of Light

Meet Luna. She is a moon child, guided solely by her perfectly tuned intuition. Everything about her and around her is still, serene and quietly beautiful.

She is a calm force of nature, the balance between light and the dark in each of us. She loves to sit on the beach and watch the ebb and flow of water and time. Her loving and gentle feminine presence is a beacon of hope for every lost soul seeking its way home.

She's not afraid of the dark and her bright light illuminates the dark places of your soul, helping you find your true path again. 



  • Moon
  • Cosmos
  • Stars
  • Feminine
  • Cycle
  • light
  • Sacred
  • Connection
  • Serenity
  • Intuition
  • Earth
  • Gentle
  • Grounded
  • Centred
  • Peaceful
  • Balance
  • Calm


Handdrawn lines, distressed patterns and dusky, hazy images.


COLOURS: Subdued gentle colours, natural hues. For more see the LUNA colour palettes.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Calm, serene scenes, dusky backgrounds, For more see the LUNA Unsplash collection.

VISUAL INSPIRATION: see the LUNA Pinterest board.

about luna

On her day off she likes to simply do nothing. This is the perfect time to clean your mind, body and soul.

Her element is the Moon but she's also connected to all the stars and everything in the Cosmos.

Her time of the year is the Summer Solstice.

Her times of the day are the hours of  dusk and dawn, when two worlds collide.

Her superpower is balance. She dances smack in the middle between darkness and light and teaches you how to embrace life's cyclic nature.


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